Trusting God
Trusting God

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The Institute for Reformed Biblical Counseling (IRBC) is a church-based ministry firmly rooted in the Bible. The Bible provides for us a Spirit-inspired "pattern of sound words" given to us by the prophets, apostles, and Jesus Christ. These words, and they alone, are the substance of "the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints." (Jude 3) We firmly believe that the Bible is entirely sufficient to meaningfully and relevantly address all of mankind's spiritual needs in every situation in every period of time.


Our unwavering commitment to the divinely inspired nature of the Bible and its associated sufficiency to meet all of our needs is reflected in our name: The Institute for Reformed Biblical Counseling. The term "Reformed" points us back to the historic Protestant Reformation. One of the central themes of the Protestant Reformation was Sola Scriptura, which when translated from Latin means the Scripture Alone. We firmly believe in the sufficiency of Scripture!

We at IRBC believe that among the instruments that God has graciously provided to sustain the "pattern of sound words" of the once-delivered faith in the canon of Scripture, are the historic Reformed confessions. The historic Reformed confessions are hard won and time-tested faithful summations of the Biblical faith which keep us on track. They provide a protective "doctrinal fence" for the safety of member congregations, counselors, and counselees alike; an important fence in these exceptionally deceptive times in which we live. One cannot even register for a course through IRBC, let alone receive an IRBC counseling certification, become a member church, or be involved in any aspect of the ministry without subscribing to one of the historic Reformed confessions.


Dr. Jeff Doll is the Director of IRBC. Along with the specialized training he has received in biblical counseling, the Lord provided him with additional insights into the process and discipline of counseling while he counseled in the context of serving as the Pastor of Congregational Life and Outreach at the First United Reformed Church of Chino, California. He received insight into the psychotherapeutic dimension of counseling while serving as a Preadolescent / Adolescent Teacher on a multi-disciplinary team at Pine Rest Christian Hospital and as a Client Instructor for traumatic brain injured clients at the Sojourners program of Hope Rehabilitation Network. His greatest joy is derived from serving the Lord in the capacities of husband, dad, church member and Pastor of Biblical Counseling at Cornerstone URC; his immediate and church families which he dearly loves.