Deception: Letting Go of Lying
Deception: Letting Go of Lying

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The Institute for Reformed Biblical Counseling (IRBC) was initiated as a result of two elders of our overseeing congregation expressing a concern that they felt they were under-equipped when it came to dealing with any number of issues they were encountering in their respective elder districts.  This concern was magnified as they thought about the different ways the world is creeping into a large segment of the visible church today and the increasing need there is to personally bring Scripture to bear in the lives of congregants who have been influenced by worldly thinking.  After much prayer and meeting with the Cornerstone United Reformed Church Consistory on several occasions, a proposal for the ministry of IRBC was brought forth and approved unanimously.  The Consistory then enthusiastically recommended IRBC to the Council where it received unanimous approval.  The congregation gave the ministry proposal its affirmation via an overwhelmingly strong vote at one of its annual congregational meetings.  Dr. Jeff Doll, who has served as Cornerstone's Pastor of Biblical Counseling, was encouraged to prayerfully consider serving as the director of the organization in light of God's gifting upon his life along with his counseling experience and associated training. He accepted the position and hopes to dedicate more time to the directorship in the near future.  

 IRBC's  Director: 


Dr. Doll is the Director of the IRBC.  Along with the specialized training he has received in Biblical Counseling, the Lord provided him with additional insights into the process and discipline of counseling while he counseled in the context of serving as the Pastor of Congregational Life and Outreach at the First United Reformed Church of Chino, California.  He received insight into the psychotherapeutic dimension of counseling while serving as a preadolescent / adolescent teacher on a multi-disciplinary team at Pine Rest Christian Hospital and as a client instructor for traumatic brain injured clients at the Sojourners program of Hope Rehabilitation Network.  His greatest joy is derived from serving he Lord in the capacities of husband, dad, and the Pastor of Biblical Counseling at Cornerstone URC; his immediate and church families which he dearly loves.