The tSw counseling centers have been used of God to provide for His people a double blessing. One dimension of the blessing is experienced by those who counsel. The counselor trainees are blessed as the Lord brings to them people from Holland, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and surrounding communities in Michigan for counseling, thereby assisting them in fulfilling their supervised counseling requirements.  Members of the community are also blessed as tSw’s counselors are used to bring God’s truth to bear on the issues with which they are dealing.

The Shepherd’s Way G.R. West‘s mission statement is as follows:

“To shine forth in Grand Rapids and surrounding communities, the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ through a ministry of Reformed Biblical Counseling.”

The Shepherd’s Way G.R. West center functions under the oversight of the Cornerstone United Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan. To schedule an appointment, visit The Shepherd’s Way website.

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