What is IRBC?

The Institute for Reformed Biblical Counseling is an inter-denominational organization that is strongly committed to the Word of God. We believe God’s Word is sufficient to address all of a person’s counseling-realted problems (see our Statements Concerning the Sufficiency of Scripture). Along with our commitment to the Word is a commitment to our mission and vision.

Our Mission:

To Train Christians to Counsel in the Light of God’s Truth from a Reformed Perspective

This mission is primarily accomplished by the offering of a basic training course in Biblical Counseling. Various seminars, conferences, and retreats also play a part in our mission.

Our Vision:

To Provide Reformed Biblical Counseling Training and Assistance in Establishing Cooperative Reformed Biblical Counseling Centers Across the United States of America

The vision is currently being carried out by making our counseling training available in various places throughout the United States of America. Our hope and prayer is that those who receive training will utilize it in their families, congregations, and neighborhoods. We are also seeking to establish regional counseling centers to provide a venue for counseling opportunities and mentoring for those who desire to pursue certification.